Old Dominick Distillery

Steering away from restaurants for a moment to highlight Old Dominick, a distillery based out of Memphis, TN.  Why am I choosing to write about a distillery 500 miles away?  Because just recently, Old Dominick started selling their bourbons, whiskeys, gin, and vodkas in the Upstate.

Old Dominick is a distillery steeped in history dating back to 1866 when Domenico Canale first started his own line of whiskeys.  Fast forward to today, and Alex Castle, the first female head distiller in the state of Tennessee, uses innovation and experimentation to continue the level of excellence laid out many years ago.

Not only is the labeling stunning enough that these bottles serve as decor on your bar cart, but the taste of each spirit is flawless: smooth, complex, and balanced; each bottle is delicious enough to drink on its own, but debatably more fun to use in cocktails.

I couldn’t wait to play mixologist and create cocktails with Old Dominick’s Hurling Station Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Formula No. 10 Gin, and Honeybell Citrus Vodka.  The Honeybell Citrus Vodka is right up my alley, so I started with a simple vodka soda with fresh orange.  Because of this citrus notes already embedded into this vodka, the simplicity of adding sparkling water and sweet orange juice made for a refreshing, balanced cocktail.  

For the rest of the cocktails, I relied on Old Dominick’s cocktail recipes for inspiration.  I used the Hurling Station Straight Bourbon for two cocktails: a Whiskey Sour and a Fashionably Late.  This bourbon has a higher rye content than some, making it ideal for cocktails.  

If you’re looking for a tart, strong cocktail, the Whiskey Sour is for you.  Using only bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and soda water, it’s bourbon forward with a tangy finish.  The Fashionably Late is Old Dominick’s take on an Old Fashioned, creating a cocktail that sets the stage for the bourbon to shine.  Add bitters, simple syrup, and a garnish of orange peel and you’ve got a superb cocktail.

My go-to cocktail at an Italian restaurant is the Negroni.  Slightly sweet and slightly bitter, it’s the ideal sipping drink.  Old Dominick’s Formula No. 10 Gin is impressively smooth with an earthy, sweet finish.  Mix gin, vermouth, and campari for one of my favorite cocktails.  

Ready to get your hands on some of Old Dominick’s spirits?  Look no further than their website to find one of their spirits near you.


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