Greenville, South Carolina is not the small city it once was.  Greenville is now a booming city with new restaurants opening at every corner, events taking place all throughout the week, and has something to offer for everyone!  Whether you love food, outdoors, arts, or music- Greenville truly has it all.

Greenville, SC | The Upstate Foodie







Downtown Greenville, SC

Greenville’s beautiful and revamped downtown was ranked among “America’s Ten Best” by Forbes Magazine.  When spending a night in Greenville, you can choose from shopping at local farmer’s markets, checking out art galleries, going hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, biking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and finally finish your day with a delicious meal from any of it’s fabulous restaurants.

Greenville, SC | The Upstate Foodie

Swamp Rabbit Trail

Greenville’s famous campaign, #yeahTHATgreenville, is seen all over social media and promotes all that Greenville has to offer.  I hope that after reading more about some of Greenville’s best restaurants you can see what makes THAT Greenville so special.



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