Pomegranate on Main – PomToGo

Supporting local restaurants has been more crucial than ever over the past year.  It’s been amazing to watch the community in Greenville band together to show some extra love to the restaurants that need it most.  It’s been even more amazing to see how many restaurants have adapted to fit the needs of their customers during the pandemic.  

Pomegranate on Main is one of those restaurants.  Shortly following the announcement that many restaurants were closing their doors and offering take-out only, they immediately came up with a plan to make ordering take-out as convenient as possible.  Not only could you pull into a designated parking spot right outside their doors, but a friend told me that when they returned home and realized that an item from their menu was missing, Pomegranate delivered that item right away.  That is how restaurants stay open and that is why customers continue supporting Pomegranate on Main.

Fast-forward to the present, and Pomegranate is offering PomToGo pick-up and delivery service for their customers.  When the mandate was announced to close restaurants due to Covid-19, owner Ali decided to not furlough any of his staff.  Instead, his staff began delivering meals and now PomToGo represents about 25% of their restaurants sales!

When I think of ordering delivery, I’m usually picturing pizza, fast-food, or using a third-party such as DoorDash.  Ordering a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal right to your doorstep is certainly not the norm. So, being able to order a trio of savory dips with fresh pita, Tenderloin Torsh Kabob, and Roasted Salmon all served in eco-friendly packaging is a treat.  I’ve dined at Pomegranate on Main countless number of times in the past and was equally as impressed with my delivered meal as I am when sitting inside the restaurant.

To place a delivery order from PomToGo, either order online or call in your order and Pomegranate will take care of the rest! 


Old Dominick Distillery

Steering away from restaurants for a moment to highlight Old Dominick, a distillery based out of Memphis, TN.  Why am I choosing to write about a distillery 500 miles away?  Because just recently, Old Dominick started selling their bourbons, whiskeys, gin, and vodkas in the Upstate.

Old Dominick is a distillery steeped in history dating back to 1866 when Domenico Canale first started his own line of whiskeys.  Fast forward to today, and Alex Castle, the first female head distiller in the state of Tennessee, uses innovation and experimentation to continue the level of excellence laid out many years ago.

Not only is the labeling stunning enough that these bottles serve as decor on your bar cart, but the taste of each spirit is flawless: smooth, complex, and balanced; each bottle is delicious enough to drink on its own, but debatably more fun to use in cocktails.

I couldn’t wait to play mixologist and create cocktails with Old Dominick’s Hurling Station Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Formula No. 10 Gin, and Honeybell Citrus Vodka.  The Honeybell Citrus Vodka is right up my alley, so I started with a simple vodka soda with fresh orange.  Because of this citrus notes already embedded into this vodka, the simplicity of adding sparkling water and sweet orange juice made for a refreshing, balanced cocktail.  

For the rest of the cocktails, I relied on Old Dominick’s cocktail recipes for inspiration.  I used the Hurling Station Straight Bourbon for two cocktails: a Whiskey Sour and a Fashionably Late.  This bourbon has a higher rye content than some, making it ideal for cocktails.  

If you’re looking for a tart, strong cocktail, the Whiskey Sour is for you.  Using only bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and soda water, it’s bourbon forward with a tangy finish.  The Fashionably Late is Old Dominick’s take on an Old Fashioned, creating a cocktail that sets the stage for the bourbon to shine.  Add bitters, simple syrup, and a garnish of orange peel and you’ve got a superb cocktail.

My go-to cocktail at an Italian restaurant is the Negroni.  Slightly sweet and slightly bitter, it’s the ideal sipping drink.  Old Dominick’s Formula No. 10 Gin is impressively smooth with an earthy, sweet finish.  Mix gin, vermouth, and campari for one of my favorite cocktails.  

Ready to get your hands on some of Old Dominick’s spirits?  Look no further than their website to find one of their spirits near you.

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

Greenville is really taking off. Pun intended. Did you know that The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport was named one of the best airport restaurants in the country by USA Today readers? Having just opened in 2017, The Kitchen offers a more sophisticated dining experience for travelers. The other airports around the world with The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck include Calgary, Cancun, Dubai, Singapore and Washington, D.C. Pretty impressive that Greenville is now among this list!

Located in GSP’s Grand Hall immediately after the security checkpoint, The Kitchen offers a beautiful view of the airport’s airside garden. Travelers can select from the restaurant’s grab-and-go options like sandwiches, salads or parfaits, or can leisurely enjoy a sit-down meal of red snapper, hand-cut steaks or brick oven pizza.

My meal started with the hummus platter, consisting of big hunks of feta cheese, Spanish olives, warm pita bread, and hummus topped with a tomato salad. Simply put, I’ve never seen as pretty a presentation as this one while dining at an airport. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it’s tasty as well. The pairing of all the components in this dish makes for one flavorful bite.


I’m a sucker for calamari and the calamari from The Kitchen comes with crispy preserved lemons for an added punch of flavor and a welcomed twist to a classic dish. Cooked to perfection, the calamari is tender with a crispy coating on the outside.   Served with a creamy, herb dipping sauce, this appetizer is a crowd-pleaser.


For our entrees, we went with something healthy and something not-so healthy. It’s all about balance right? If you’re looking for a lighter dish, the Red Snapper is ideal. Pan seared and served atop a tomato, corn salad, this dish is a wonderful summertime meal. The savory flavors from the snapper complement the tangy tomato and corn relish. I certainly didn’t feel like I was eating at an airport with this dish.


You can’t go wrong with a classic Pepperoni Pizza, especially when it comes straight from a brick oven. The Kitchen has a variety of pizzas to choose from, each with a thin, chewy crust and a balanced ratio of cheese to toppings to sauce. It’s not one of those pizzas that you eat and immediately need a nap after. Rather, I felt I couldn’t get enough of this simple, yet delicious pie.


GSP International Airport continues to grow and change for the better. Offering world-class restaurants like The Kitchen, as well as an Escape Lounge where people can enjoy a more refined traveling experience along with small bites by Jason McCarthy of Rick Erwin’s. I look forward to seeing the ongoing progression of GSP and may just have to start flying more often!

Just Blend

Let’s face it. We live in a constant state of being “too busy”. Whether you’re a parent, entrepreneur, side-hustler or just living life, it seems that everyone these days is looking to simplify their busy schedules. That’s exactly what Just Blend will do for you. “We prep your smoothies. You save the world.” Owner, Lizzy Hester, took her own life hack and now preps and sells her pre-prepped smoothies and granola for the rest of us to enjoy.


Picture this: You’re hurrying to get out the door and remember that a “blend” is waiting for you in the freezer. Get out your blender. Pour in some milk of choice (almond milk is my go-to). Add the contents of your blend in. Then blend away and you’ve got the creamiest, most satisfying smoothie that’ll keep you full until lunch. Not only are these smoothies delicious, but also they are packed full of nutritious veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, spinach as well as nut butters and seeds.


Let’s talk flavors. Lizzy created a blend for everyone. My personal favorite, because it tastes like chocolate ice cream, is The CHOCOLATE one. Who knew you could have basically a Wendy’s Frosty for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) and it could be healthy!? Take the basic blend recipe and add cacao powder and cashew butter for a more indulgent blend.


Want some berries in your life? Just order The BERRY One with cauliflower, frozen berries, coconut milk cubes, a date, honey, chia seeds, peanut butter and banana. Tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly in milkshake form. Who wouldn’t like that?


Then there’s The OG. The blend that started it all contains zucchini, cauliflower, spinach, coconut milk cubes, a date, honey, flax seeds, almond butter and banana. It’s perfectly sweet and gives you all the nutrition you need to take on the day ahead.

Last, but not least, The GREEN One for those of us extra-healthy people who don’t mess around with carbs. Swap the banana/berries for extra cauliflower/zucchini for a little less sweet, but still nourishing blend.


A blend just isn’t a blend unless it’s topped with Lizzy’s grain-free OGG Granola. Filled with nutritious nuts and seeds, this chunky granola is the ideal mix of sweet and salty. Perfect for snacking, blend topping, or dessert time…the OGG Granola is a must.


All blends cost $10, but head over to their website to check out Just Blend’s weekly subscription rates and place an order. Be sure to follow @justblend on Instagram to keep up with weekly specials and seasonal blends! You can also purchase blends and granola at Soul Yoga. Ready to take on the world? Just Blend is here to help you.

Photos By: Ally Martin –  https://www.allyannephoto.com

Antonio’s Pizza & Pasta

When I think Italian, three things come to mind: huge portions, all the carbs, and great wine. At Antonio’s Pizza & Pasta, a family-owned Italian restaurant in the heart of Powdersville, SC, that’s exactly what you’ll get. I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in and saw a charming, rustic bar stocked with an array of wine choices and plenty of seating. Not quite what you’d expect from a pizzeria located in an unassuming shopping center. But truthfully, the food wasn’t quite what I expected either…it was better.

Antonio’s menu could be a little overwhelming. With choices of starters, soups, salads, pizza, pasta, entrees…the choices are endless and it seems you can’t go wrong with anything. My advice: choose one or two things you know you’ll love, then ask your waiter to recommend their favorites. Our non-negotiables were the Hawaiian Pizza (sub pepperoni for ham) and the Chicken Parmigiana.

I must admit, there are very few pizzas I don’t enjoy. With that being said, Antonio’s pizza meets all my requirements: Balanced ratio of sauce to cheese to toppings with a chewy crust that’s not too thick. Plus they have so many tempting options to choose from such as a Taco Pizza, Barbecue Chicken Pizza, and your classic Capricciosa Pizza with sausage, mushrooms, roasted peppers and mozzarella.


I can’t get over this Chicken Parmigiana. Growing up, my mom made chicken parmesan frequently, but while she is an outstanding cook, she isn’t Italian. The Chicken Parmigiana from Antonio’s was certainly a step above my usual expectations, and is as authentic as I’d imagine you could get. The chicken is fork tender and topped with melted mozzarella cheese, served atop angel hair pasta and homemade marinara sauce.


Now for our waitress’s recommendations: the Skylar and the Pescatore. The “Skylar” was surprisingly my favorite dish. Comprised of cheese ravioli in a pesto cream sauce, this dish sounds boring, but is anything but. It is extremely rich, so I’d recommend sharing, but the pesto sauce is surprisingly robust and light, even though it’s cream base. And truthfully, how can you go wrong with cheese ravioli?

The Pescatore is a classic Italian entrée ideal for seafood lovers like myself. Sautéed shrimp, calamari, clams and mussels are tossed in a spicy Fra Diablo marinara sauce atop your choice of pasta. You may also choose to forgo the spicy sauce, but I’d highly recommend it. The amount of fresh seafood in this dish is impressive, but the bold flavors stole the show.


In usual fashion, we ended with dessert…”Death by Chocolate” to be exact. This decadent chocolate cake has layers of thick, creamy chocolate mousse as well as chocolate icing. Even after a heavy meal, we devoured every last bite. Soon to come, Antonio’s will be offering dessert pizzas! We were able to get a sneak peek of this dessert pizza topped with Butterfinger, chocolate chips, and a caramel drizzle.

You may argue that Greenville has plenty of Italian restaurants, but there’s no place quite like Antonio’s; where everybody knows everybody and the owners are clearly passionate about what they do.  Antonio’s is located at 142 McNeely Road in Piedmont, SC.  They are open Sunday 11:30am-9pm, Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm.

A Field Trip to Ji-Roz

Many of you may already know this, but along with running The Upstate Foodie, I’m also a full-time Montessori teacher. Never before have those two worlds collided, until we discussed a field trip for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade children to taste and experience Greek cuisine. My mind immediately thought of Ji-Roz, an authentic Greek restaurant located downtown Greenville.


Owner, John Makkas, was beyond helpful and enthused to provide our students with an approachable, yet diverse menu that would expand their palate far beyond their everyday school lunches. Their selections were Spanakopita, Brown Butter Spaghetti with Feta, Chicken Skewers, Pork Skewers and Pastitsio. You can imagine the expressions as we read the selections to them, with no mention of pizza, chicken fingers or grilled cheese.


When we arrived at Ji-Roz, John greeted us warmly and showed us to our already set tables in the center of the restaurant. I should mention that they hosted 3 different groups of children during the lunch-hour, weekday rush. The excitement was contagious as you looked around and saw huge smiles, heard children talking amongst one another saying “yummm” and “this is really good!” It seemed the crowd-pleaser was the buttery spaghetti noodles with big hunks of authentic Greek feta.


Teachers ordered off the regular lunch menu, so I shared the Dolmades and Santorini Salad with a coworker and was happy as can be. Ji-Roz does a wonderful job of preparing dishes that are hearty and satisfying, while also incorporating lots of fresh vegetables. Dolmades are grape leaves stuffed with rice, ground beef and herbs. Ji-Roz serves theirs with a slightly creamy and lemony Avgolemono sauce.


The Santorini Salad has a lot going on, but all the components somehow work together to give you a sampling of some authentic staples of Greek cuisine. To create this melting pot of tastes, they begin with their traditional Greek salad consisting of fresh Tyger Farm’s greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, imported Greek olives and an extremely generous serving of imported feta cheese. Then, the salad is topped with a huge scoop of Greek potato salad. Greek potato salad is vastly different than your traditional mayo based potato salad. Fork-tender potatoes are mixed with EVOO, red onion, fresh lemon and parsley to create a lighter version of a lunchtime favorite.


Rest-assured this will be one of those field trips our students talk about all year long! The service and professionalism of all the staff at Ji-Roz was quite impressive, and it was wonderful to see such consideration towards creating a memorable experience for our students. Be sure to follow Ji-Roz on social media to keep up with their specials!

The Black Thai

“Live free or Thai hard.” That’s the motto behind The Black Thai and owners, Dean Johnson, Brayden Wynn and Charlie Phillip, who set out on a mission to serve American-Thai food straight from an unassuming food truck. Inspired by their time living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, these three friends share a love of food, cooking and relating to others, which pushed them to make their dream a reality.

You can find The Black Thai (sometimes known as “Bolo”) all around Greenville with an ever-changing menu that’ll keep even regulars surprised. What exactly is American-Thai food you may be asking. Think traditional Thai dishes, with a funky American twist.


Take their Pad Thai Fried Rice, for example. This dish has all the elements of Pad Thai you’d expect: scallions, red peppers, cilantro, peanuts and some spice, but instead of traditional Thai noodles, you get perfectly cooked fried rice. The rice is a perfect base for this dish because you get a little bite of every component with each delicious forkful. Add chicken and you’ve got one filling dish!


You simply can’t have a Thai inspired menu without a curry dish. And let me tell you, Black Thai’s is out of this world. My friend, who considers herself a curry connoisseur of sorts, ordered this dish and said it was the best curry she’s had in Greenville. Their Yellow Curry consists of potatoes, broccoli, peppers, baby corn, onions, carrots and the most complex and satisfying curry sauce. There’s a delicate balance of sweet and spicy that just keeps you coming back for more.


When I used to think of broccoli salad, my mind immediately pictured a Southern-style picnic or cookout. So, imagining Thai Broccoli Salad is a little perplexing. That’s exactly why you MUST try this dish for yourself. Tossed with sunflower seeds, cilantro, red onion, craisins and a peanut vinaigrette sauce, this dish offers a bright and refreshing side to any of their dishes.


Although I don’t have a picture of this dish, I feel I must pay my respects to the Black Thai Burger. This was the first dish I ever had at Black Thai, and as corny as this may sound, it was love at first bite. Served on an English Muffin, this burger consists of ground chuck, duck and bacon and is topped with Muenster cheese, famous “Bolo Sauce” (similar to a thousand island, but with a kick) and shishito peppers. One juicy, flavorful bite into this burger and I guarantee you’ll fall head over heels too.

While these are some of their signature items, The Black Thai is always changing things up with specials such as Buffalo Shrimp, wontons, Brussel Box and more. Be sure to follow @TheBlackThaiGVL on Instagram so you’ll never have to ask, “Where’s Bolo?”


Rocket Surgery: Relaunched

Travelers Rest has transformed itself into a dining destination almost overnight. It has anything you’d want from tacos to pizza to BBQ and everything in between. Well…almost everything. Restaurateur Andy O’Mara set out to revamp his already thriving restaurant, Rocket Surgery, and redesigned the menu and concept to focus on Italian-driven dishes, a great wine list, and craft cocktails all in an intimate setting.


The menu is simple and boasts many classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. You could almost make a meal of their small plates alone, but they also offer handmade pasta dishes, large plates, vegetables and an impressive dessert menu. You know I tried a little bit of everything, so let’s dig in.

FullSizeRender-10 copy

Starting with the small plates, we selected the House Made Ricotta, Meatballs and Arancini. The ricotta surprises you with a variety of flavors, with winter squash agrodulce (a sweet and sour sauce), chili powder and the most incredible house made focaccia I’ve ever had. It’s an ideal balance of sweet, tangy and buttery that you’ll definitely request extra bread for.


These aren’t your average marinara sauce drenched meatballs. Rocket Surgery prepares their meatballs atop bitter greens and pistachios in a savory broth and a sprinkle of Grana Padano cheese. The meat is the star of the show in this dish and is made even more delicious by the flavorful broth and texture from the greens.


Don’t know what Arancini is? It’s simply a deep fried ball of risotto usually served with some sort of dipping sauce. In place of a dipping sauce, Rocket Surgery serves their Arancini with marinated tomatoes, roasted garlic and preserved lemon. All the creamy goodness inside that piping hot ball of deliciousness is complemented by the burst of flavors from the tomatoes.


Rocket Surgery knows good pasta. When you’re making the noodles by hand, and selecting only the best quality ingredients, you can almost guarantee some pretty phenomenal dishes. We tried the Rigatoni, Papardelle and Capellini. The Rigatoni is served with wild mushrooms, tomato cream sauce and Grana Padano cheese. This dish is comfort on a plate and would be a sure-winner for anyone looking for something simple and satisfying.


All the seafood lovers will swoon over the Capellini, chock full of scallops, lump crab and mussels, tossed in a tomato pomodoro sauce and topped with fresh basil. This dish makes you feel like you’re sitting in a classic Italian restaurant in New York and pairs supremely well with a glass of white wine.


The Pappardelle was my favorite pasta dish this evening, served with a short rib sugo (tomato meat sauce), house ricotta, caramelized onions and tarragon. It sounds simple, but the flavor of this dish is truly exceptional. With every bite, you taste each component separately, while also recognizing the marrying of ingredients. The faintly sweet onions and tarragon contrast the richness of this dish and I simply couldn’t get enough.


I don’t care how full you feel after your meal at Rocket Surgery. You MUST save room for dessert. The pastry chef is a genius and both desserts we tried this evening were to die for. I was immediately drawn to the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with layers of hazelnut icing and a scoop of ice cream on top. Being a huge fan of the chocolate/hazelnut combo, this cake was perfect in every way. We also had the Salted Butterscotch Budino, which has a texture similar to a pudding, but is much lighter and creamier. Take a little bit of the cookie and crumble it up in the Budino, and you’ve got the ideal bite.

If you haven’t tried the new and improved Rocket Surgery, there’s no better time than the present. They are open Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-9pm and Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm.

VIBE: Very Independent Beer Event

“Wanna meet at The Tap?” I’ve had many Sunday Fundays start with this question and end at The Community Tap with select beer and wine, food trucks and great company. Each year, The Community Tap puts on a Beer Event that showcases 50+ breweries. This event became so popular that they sold 1200 tickets last year at Fluor Field. While this is an impressive number, the owners of Community Tap wanted to offer a more intimate, unique and rare beer tasting experience.


Allow me to introduce Community Tap’s new and improved gathering, VIBE (Very Independent Beer Event). Think extremely rare beers, celebrated local chefs and all of Community Tap’s loyal patrons together for a pretty awesome Saturday.

Ticket cost includes:

-Over 40 beers to taste

-Chef inspired bites courtesy of:

  • John Makkas – JiRoz
  • Alex George – GB&D
  • Tobin Simpson – Project Host
  • Anthony Gray – Bacon Brothers
  • Jason Calloway – Bacon Brothers
  • Christian Hansen – Blue Ridge Creamery

VIBE will take place on Saturday, May 11th from 2-5pm at The Community Tap. Beers will be tasted and food will be eaten inside and outside of the space, and the store will be closed to the public, making it that much more intimate. With only a limited number of tickets, be sure to secure yours today! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vibe-very-independent-beer-event-tickets-54101058723

Mobile Meltdown

I haven’t been writing on my blog as often as I’d like to be. Not for any particular reason; just been busy, uninspired…who knows. This is all before I bit into an ooey-gooey grilled cheese from Mobile Meltdown for the first time and was immediately motivated to get home and inform all of my followers of the amazingness that they may be missing out on.

Here’s the deal: Mobile Meltdown is a food truck serving a variety of grilled cheeses, soups and tots that scream comfort food. I just happened to be craving a Sunday afternoon beer at Community Tap on the same day that Mobile Meltdown was serving. Let me tell you, after a hard workout, a cold beer and grilled cheese is pretty phenomenal.

My friend and I shared the Brie & Bacon and Spicy Pig grilled cheeses and an order of the soft tots. After every single bite, the phrase “omg this is incredible” followed. The Brie & Bacon grilled cheese is served on a freshly baked butter croissant and consists of double cream Brie, crispy bacon and a drizzle of raspberry reduction glaze. It’s that quintessential sweet and savory combo that can’t be beat. Plus it’s served on a croissant, so obviously it’s gonna be tasty.


The bite I will crave again and again is the Spicy Pig served on freshly baked (and very buttery, and perfect) bread with hot coppocola ham, a blend of manchego and jarlsberg cheeses, diced jalapenos and a drizzle of balsamic reduction glaze. So, you still get that balance of sweet and savory, but the addition of the jalapenos sold me.

And then there’s the Soft Tots. What sets these tots apart from the rest? They are essentially deep fried mashed potatoes, which creates an extra crispy exterior and super creamy, soft center. Then, Mobile Meltdown takes decadence to a whole other level and serves a side of rosemary aioli for your dipping pleasure.

It’s rare that I find a place that excites me as much as this unassuming food truck did. I urge all of you to follow them on social media to find out where they will be next, and don’t waste any time checking them out!