Pomegranate on Main – PomToGo

Supporting local restaurants has been more crucial than ever over the past year.  It’s been amazing to watch the community in Greenville band together to show some extra love to the restaurants that need it most.  It’s been even more amazing to see how many restaurants have adapted to fit the needs of their customers during the pandemic.  

Pomegranate on Main is one of those restaurants.  Shortly following the announcement that many restaurants were closing their doors and offering take-out only, they immediately came up with a plan to make ordering take-out as convenient as possible.  Not only could you pull into a designated parking spot right outside their doors, but a friend told me that when they returned home and realized that an item from their menu was missing, Pomegranate delivered that item right away.  That is how restaurants stay open and that is why customers continue supporting Pomegranate on Main.

Fast-forward to the present, and Pomegranate is offering PomToGo pick-up and delivery service for their customers.  When the mandate was announced to close restaurants due to Covid-19, owner Ali decided to not furlough any of his staff.  Instead, his staff began delivering meals and now PomToGo represents about 25% of their restaurants sales!

When I think of ordering delivery, I’m usually picturing pizza, fast-food, or using a third-party such as DoorDash.  Ordering a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal right to your doorstep is certainly not the norm. So, being able to order a trio of savory dips with fresh pita, Tenderloin Torsh Kabob, and Roasted Salmon all served in eco-friendly packaging is a treat.  I’ve dined at Pomegranate on Main countless number of times in the past and was equally as impressed with my delivered meal as I am when sitting inside the restaurant.

To place a delivery order from PomToGo, either order online or call in your order and Pomegranate will take care of the rest! 


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