Moe’s Original BBQ

Who doesn’t love BBQ? I challenge any so-called “foodie” to step into a BBQ establishment and not find a single item to their liking. When it comes to smoked meat, side items ranging from indulgent to somewhat healthy and sauces to finish it all off…what’s not to like? Moe’s Original BBQ takes the South’s inherent affection of all things tender, juicy and finger-lickin good to a whole other level.

Owners Sam Ragland and John Wood are dedicated to quality food and service. Whether it’s the meat they smoke to perfection daily, the ever-changing homemade sides or the friendly, neighborhood feel. I was generously treated to a “tasting” menu of sorts and able to sample a wide variety of phenomenal dishes…so sit back and enjoy!

Redneck Nachos: Seriously, these nachos are one-of-a-kind. Redneck Nachos transform your usual nachos with a switch of tortilla chips for kettle chips and toppings that include red and white BBQ sauce, jalapenos, red onions, fresh tomatoes and queso (duh.) then your choice of pork or chicken. Call me a redneck, but I would eat these nachos any day.

Smoked Chicken Wings: I have always adored wings. What I don’t adore about wings is the inevitable mess they leave all over your hands and mouth. Moe’s BBQ took care of that issue for me with a perfectly crispy, smoked wing ever so slightly coated in wing sauce. Then, of course, things got a little messy as I dipped every bite in the irresistible creamy Alabama white BBQ sauce. Next time I eat at Moe’s, I’m very likely to just order wings and sides…


THE sides: Speaking of sides…these are some of the best I’ve ever had, and they always have daily specials. Naturally they offer your classics like Mac N’ Cheese, Baked Beans and Marinated Slaw, but be on the lookout for features like Fried Green Tomatoes, Red Beans & Rice and more. Between the ooey-gooey, creamy Mac N’ Cheese, perfectly sweet and moist cornbread, or their play on coleslaw…I couldn’t choose a favorite. So, why not just order them all?!


Allll the Meats: It’s always refreshing when you can tell immediately the work and time it took to make something as tasty as it is. That’s how I felt trying every single bite of their smoked meat. From tender ribs to juicy pulled pork and flavorful smoked chicken and turkey…Moe’s knows some meat. If you’re more of a seafood person, Moe’s has outstanding fried catfish and shrimp!

Don’t feel like going out to eat? Moe’s makes that easy with their “Haul It Home” menu ideal for takeout and no-effort meal prep. Add some homemade Banana Pudding or Mud Pie and make it a full meal. And, you might as well order one of their signature frozen Bushwackers while you wait (it’s like an adult Frosty…who wouldn’t want that?). Moe’s BBQ is located at 109 West Stone Avenue. They are open every day from 11am – 9pm.


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