There are numerous reasons why you will inevitably fall in love with Table 301’s newest restaurant, Jianna. From the wrap around patio, to the fresh oysters being shucked behind the bar, it’s an appealing vibe to say the least. Table 301 and Chef Michael Kramer’s collaboration has ultimately created a dining destination unlike any other in Greenville. Why have I already fallen in love with Jianna? I have five main reasons, and they come straight from Jianna’s charmingly designed menu.


  1. Chilled Market Oysters: I’ve never been an oyster fanatic. Now I know, it’s simply due to the fact that I’ve never tasted oysters prepared delicately and with as much care as these. Served with Jianna’s house cocktail and hot sauces, these perfectly chilled oysters were easily slurped down one after another.


  1. Ricotta Crostini: Quite possibly my favorite dish of the tasting, this Ricotta Crostini defines simplistic perfection. Soft, grilled ciabtta bread is served with a generous side of ricotta cheese drizzled with truffle honey and a dash of sea salt. I must have overheard at least three people claim that they could have eaten the ricotta with a spoon. In one bite, you taste the richness of truffle, sweetness of honey, and char from the crostini. It is truly a bite to remember.


  1. Polpette: Who doesn’t love meatballs? They are so simple, yet so crave-worthy. Jianna’s meatballs consist of veal and pork and are served in a tomato sugo with breadcrumbs and Parmesan dusted on top. The combination of veal and pork creates a tender, more flavorful meatball than the average sausage/beef variation. Pair this dish with a glass of Italian red wine, sit back, and relax…


  1. Radiatori: All of the pasta served at Jianna is made in house on a daily basis and consists of the simplest ingredients possible. I appreciate the understated quality of this specific dish, tossed lightly in tomato, fresh basil and grated Grana Padano cheese. No need to add any other components to this already remarkable pasta.


  1. Umbrian Citrus Olive Oil Cake: A close 2nd to the Ricotta Crostini, this will be one of those desserts I find myself yearning for. The cake itself is slightly crisp on top, and moist in the middle due to the addition of olive oil. Topped with a dollop of mascarpone cheese and served with a side of blackberry compote, this dessert is not too sweet, but with the indulgence-factor we all crave.


I’m sure the anticipation to dine at Jianna is unbearable right about now, but the wait is almost over as they are aiming to open early next week! Be sure to follow Table 301 and Jianna on social media to keep up with details regarding their opening day and hours. If it’s anything like what I experienced, it’s bound to be nothing short of amazing.


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