9 Sons Rising

Spread a little joy. That’s the mission of 9 Sons Rising: a women-owned business selling homemade biscuits and jams to make our lives a little easier, and tastier. Named for their nine sons combined, 9 Sons Rising started small with a 150-year old family jam recipe. They are now selling their biscuits and jam at New York Butcher Shoppe, Whole Foods and more to come!

9 Sons Rising has three flavors of biscuits to choose from: buttermilk, sweet potato, and cheddar. So, whether you’re having them with jam for breakfast, dunking them into a bowl of soup, or making a hearty sausage biscuit sandwich, they have a flavor for you! The ease of simply popping these biscuits into the oven and straight to the table in 12 minutes flat is ideal for entertaining. The biscuits a great size and have the buttery, dense consistency that you expect from a homemade biscuit. Plus, with only 180 calories per biscuit and no trans fats, you don’t even have to feel guilty eating one…or three!


Accompanying their melt-in-your-mouth biscuits are their three flavors of preserves: blueberry, peach and strawberry. With a recipe dating back to 150 years ago, you can expect pectin-free preserves with only 4-5 all-natural ingredients. As you use a knife to spread the jam, you may notice a whole cinnamon stick in each jar, giving the jam a unique flavor compared to others you may have tried. My tip for you…try all three flavors with all three biscuits to find your perfect combo!


9 Sons Rising was created by two driven women with a love of food, family, and time spent with others. Luckily, they started cooking away in Greenville where, as a community, we come together and support local businesses with open arms. With homemade biscuits, natural jams and a story like this…you simply can’t go wrong!


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