Dive ‘N’ Boar

Who dined at the “old” Dive ‘N’ Boar? If you did, you probably remember an assortment of sandwiches, appetizers ranging from chicken wings to a pretzel with beer cheese, and funky craft cocktails. Well, Dive ‘N’ Boar still has an array of craft cocktails, appealing to all tastes, but you won’t find traditional bar food anywhere on the menu.

Dive ‘N’ Boar closed their doors a few months ago with a mission to revamp their menu and atmosphere creating the feel of a true gastropub. With new chefs in the kitchen and a farm to table menu offering creative, flavorful dishes, Dive ‘N’ Boar is considered a front-runner in new restaurants around the upstate in my book.

I dined at Dive ‘N’ Boar on a Thursday and was pleasantly surprised when the waiter informed me that select craft cocktails were a mere $5 that night. Their twist on the classic Moscow Mule incorporated peppered vodka giving it just the right amount of kick. Be sure to follow Dive ‘N’ Boar on Instagram to keep up with their daily specials!


It is clear that the brains behind Dive ‘N’ Boar’s menu has a passion for creating dishes that not only taste delicious, but sound whimsical and intriguing. Their menu features snacks, small plates, hot buttered buns (described later), handcrafted pasta, vegetables, and large plates; perfect for sharing with the table and trying some of everything.

We started with the melt-in-your-mouth Cheesy Poofs. These gourgères are served with a smear of goat cheese boarsin and, in my brother’s words, “taste like an awesome bagel and cream cheese”.


Moving on to the small plates portion of the menu we tried the crispy frog legs (per our waiter’s suggestion) and the gnocchi. Don’t let the fact that you’re eating the leg of a frog avert you from this dish. When comparing these to chicken wings, the meat was firmer, but tender and the skin was even crispier. Dive ‘N’ Boar drizzles their frog legs with a delectable tabasco brown butter sauce that gives the dish a punch of flavor.


If you were to look up “comfort food” in the dictionary, this gnocchi would be at the top of the list. Creamy, handcrafted gnocchi is topped with tender oxtail ragu and tossed with baby carrots and Cipollini onions. Top all of that with a generous grating of parmesan cheese and dig in.


Now let me introduce the Hot Buttered Buns. Dive ‘N’ Boar has three varieties and you can taste all three by ordering their Trio of Buns. The bun comes from Upcountry Provisions in Travelers Rest and is similar to a hot dog bun, but larger and with a crispier outside (hence the butter) and fluffier inside. They stuff their buttered buns with blue crab, peppered lamb pastrami, and hot chicken.


The chefs at Dive ‘N’ Boar combine ingredients that are in season to create dishes that keep you coming back for more. Many times the vegetables section of a menu is overlooked, but please don’t do that here. The Brussel sprouts were one of my favorite dishes from the night. Served with bacon, blue cheese, pomegranate seeds, and tossed in a pomegranate molasses, each bite was perfectly salty, sweet, and savory all at the same time.


Dive ‘N’ Boar is an ideal dinner spot due to the knowledgeable wait staff, seasonal dishes, cozy, low key atmosphere, and some simply awesome food. I will be back to try their Double Dank Bacon Burger served with their hand cut French fries, and have no doubt it will be a winner. Dive ‘N’ Boar is open for dinner Monday – Thursday from 5pm – 10pm and stays open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday.


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